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If you want to truly experience the magic of Mexico, its rich culture and friendly people, Manzanillo is the perfect choice of destinations. While there are a few big hotels here, including the famous Las Hadas, they are the exception, not the norm. Manzanillo offers wilderness with water birds, exotic animals and tropical plants in striking jungles that crawl up the mountainsides. Manzanillo has tranquil salt-water marshes and twisted mangroves that teem with wildlife and birds.


Los Sueños del Mar is located just northwest of Manzanillo's two bays. Each bay has crescent-shaped beaches, each about 4-miles in length. Behia de Manzanillo is closer to downtown and is the older tourist section. Bahia de Santiago, to the west, is the newer and more upscale area. The Santiago Peninsula, a steep rocky outcrop on whose slopes are many beautiful homes and hotels, separates the two. Ship channels are located at the southeast end of Bahia de Manzanillo, where the largest container seaport on Mexico's western coast is located.

The Juluipan Peninsula on the north end of Bahia Santiago is the dramatic separation between the bays and the open Ocean. Los Sueños del Mar sits on the Ocean side of the Juluipan Peninsula above a tiny cove.


Located in Colima, Mexico's third smallest state, the area is rich in culture and crafts. Manzanillo is located on Mexico's Gold Coast, also known as the Mexican Riviera. To the north, 175 miles (about a four hour drive along the Ocean) is Puerto Vallarta, and to the south is Acapulco.

Ask any traveled Mexican which state they would choose to live in and inevitably 7 out of 10 will tell you Colima. Why? "Because," they say, "it's safe, affordable, beautiful and the best place to raise a family." The State has virtually no unemployment, pollution or crime, corruption has been found to be extremely low, and the level of education among Colima's citizens is two years above the national norm. At one million, her hardworking, conscientious people seem to know the value of what they have.

Pre-Columbian Artifacts dating from c250 BC — 250 AD have been found all over the state of Colima. The famous "dogs" of Colima are the subject of much of this art and the ancient residents are noted for their peaceful, farming existence.


The indigenous people were the Otomis and later the Nahuatis and Toltecs passed through Colima. The Chichimecs and the Tecos from the jungles came later. The city of Colima has been occupied since the 11th century, and recently, two new archeological sites, La Campana and El Chanal, have opened there.

Manzanillo remains unspoiled and unknown by many tourists. For this reason, it maintains a tranquil atmosphere and encourages unhurried pleasures. You will find it easy to relax and unwind here as the golden sand beaches, incredible sunrises, sunsets and starry nights will offer views you have to experience to believe.

Juluipan Peninsula

Ancient Aztec Design
Dog (Itzcuintli) pattern, from Colima..
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